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Park Chan-Wook e il mega spot per iPhone 13 Pro

Forse non sarà TOTALMENTE girato con un #iPhone13Pro (noi vogliamo credere di si), ma il risultato è comunque grandioso. Apple ha “assunto” il mitico regista coreano Park Chan Wook (Oldboy, Lady Vendetta…) per esaltare le capacità video del nuovo smartphone e lui ovviamente ha voluto

The Netflix-generation code of Adidas Originals ad

… and why it works. When you have budget and clever minds behind a production, you may come up with a little masterpiece like Adidas “Original is never finished” one. Grown ups will find it somehow disturbing, and is meant to be, ‘cause teenagers can

Lovely Aliens

NEWS! After a huge redesign a new name and look for the Lovely Aliens is here: Frooliens! Check out the web page with back stories and stuff! Hope You like these Lovely Aliens that match the new iOS “style” of course in retina display resolution