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The Netflix-generation code of Adidas Originals ad

… and why it works. When you have budget and clever minds behind a production, you may come up with a little masterpiece like Adidas “Original is never finished” one. Grown ups will find it somehow disturbing, and is meant to be, ‘cause teenagers can

Lovely Aliens

NEWS! After a huge redesign a new name and look for the Lovely Aliens is here: Frooliens! Check out the web page with back stories and stuff! Hope You like these Lovely Aliens that match the new iOS “style” of course in retina display resolution

foto Phi Phi AsiaVideo

AsiaVideo project

AsiaVideo nasce come progetto a metà tra l’esercizio e il sogno di una vita, viaggiare con lo scopo di produrre documentari. Per AsiaVideo è stato creato il logo e alcuni trailer dedicati a varie zone dell’Asia, ecco il principale: