Free Bootstrap 4 WordPress theme: Flaboot4 WP


You can download Flaboot4, my basic free WordPress theme based on Bootstrap 4 (now updated to Bootstrap 4.3.1!). The homepage is designed from their original BS Carousel starter template. Feel free to use it, improve it and share. I don’t mind a credit or a “Thank you”!

I know is very very basic, it only has homepage, single post and page templates but hope it can helps to build your simple Bootstrap 4/Wordpress site or just learn theme development.

Flaboot4 home screen

Maybe if many people will download it I’ll try to add functionalities and page templates (and a quick guide). Contact me at flaboot4wp [dot] graphic [dot] it for any request or info.

DOWNLOAD Vers. 1.2


  • Dynamic homepage carousel slides
  • “Featurettes” sections in homepage
  • Two WP menus ready (header and footer)
  • Google Analytics code (check Flaboot4 settings in admin sidebar)
  • Requires ACF plug-in (guided install)
  • FREE!

Version history

  • Vers. 1.2 Aug 7 2019
    • Minor changes to classes of titles (now h1)
    • Tested up to WordPress 5.2.2
    • Added a call to Google Fonts for titles and navbar-brand
    • Now based on Bootstrap 4.3.1
    • Main images now use class shadow (BS4 native)
    • Fixed carousel caption disappearing in mobile size
  • Vers. 1.1 May 13 2018
    • Removed unused files
    • Now based on Bootstrap 4.1.1
  • Vers. 1.0 September 2017

Use this theme at your own risk, I’m not responsible for any improper use of this theme, nor for any damage it or contained plug-ins might cause to your site or project.

The landscape picture used in the image above comes from my other project Asiavideo, please check out our videos and images on