The Netflix-generation code of Adidas Originals ad

… and why it works.

When you have budget and clever minds behind a production, you may come up with a little masterpiece like Adidas “Original is never finished” one.

Grown ups will find it somehow disturbing, and is meant to be, ‘cause teenagers can relate more exclusively to it: a world of messy, “wrong” rules and many pop culture elements (even if just through subtle imagery).

A clockwork orange reference Adidas Originals

The “ghetto” life, basket and a Star Wars-like monk Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, “A Clockwork orange”, the ‘80s and VHS, a sexy yet ambiguous girl, skaters (Gonz and Lucas Puig), Snoop Dogg, graffiti, tv series hints (a lot of Black Mirror mood, specially “White Bear” and “Shut up and dance” episodes).

Black Mirror Adidas imagery

A code of references that almost only “Netflix-generation” may get, and for this reason works very well. Of course, everything is blended with classical references, the girl morphs into Botticelli’s Venus and will morph again in another update of the famous painting, this time a black girl surrounded by “old” media age artifacts and stuff.

Botticelli's updated Adidas

A haunting remixed “My Way” (another “original never finished”) is the last perfect touch of this incredible advertising.