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Twitter layout redesign brings new ideas

Since the recent Twitter introduction of a more rounded design – including profile picture now in a perfect circle – a lot of brands and personal accounts are using it in a creative and dynamic way. Here we tried to imagine Heinz Ketchup and Adidas

Emmeviloves, una “yuccie” italiana in UK

Oggi parliamo di Maria Vittoria, designer e… modella di Emmeviloves, potremmo definirla una yuccie (Young Urban Creative), neologismo che starebbe ad indicare a grandi linee chi รจ disposto a cambiare vita e inseguire la propria passione facendola diventare occasione di guadagno sfruttando principalmente il web…

photo luxury Apple Watch concept

Rolex and Cartier Apple watch face concepts

Do You remember the useless and expensive “diamond” app back in the early times of App Store? The only feature it has was to display a sparkling diamond on your iPhone for “just” 500$; it of course became viral ’cause of its status-symbol appeal (and