Re:Mind, boost a j-pop group popularity through Netflix

The “teenage” dark Netflix series Re:Mind is having mixed reviews, however it can surely be considered an instant cult. Eleven cute japanese students (in uniform of course), a mystery, the events that happens almost solely in the same location that seems coming straight out of a horror videogame…

The whole thing becomes even more interesting if we consider Re:Mind as genius marketing move. All the actresses of the show are part of a japanese pop group called Hiragana Keyakizaka46 or Hiragana Keyaki (and since Japan is crazy and complex, is sort of an “under-group” of the main Keyakizaka46); the opening title songĀ Soredemo Aruiteru is of course one of their songs.

Not sure how much was intented to advertise the group to a worldwide audience considered that is not easy for asian pop to become popular out of Asia if not for nerdy Japan-fans (if we exclude Gangnam Style hit obviously…).

Google Trends search of Keyakizaka46

But with a simple search on Google Trends it’s clear that the curiosity of the “Netflix generation” is increased about who are the girls and the musical group (note: we searched the term “Keyakizaka46” on United States area). Just recently, after the success of Re:Mind series, a new music video was released where Mirei (the girl that in the show seems to “lead” the others in solving the case), is also at the center of the stage: