Rolex and Cartier Apple watch face concepts

Do You remember the useless and expensive “diamond” app back in the early times of App Store? The only feature it had was to display a sparkling diamond on your iPhone display for “just” 500$; it of course became viral ’cause of its status-symbol appeal (and soon removed by Apple).

At the moment the only “official” product that goes in the direction of merging Apple hi-tech with famous watch brands is the Apple Watch Hermès edition that was just renewed with Apple Watch 4 series. The Hermès branded watch has high quality leather straps and of course a dedicated graphic watchface (see picture below).

Apple Watch 4 Hermes

But now that is virtually possible to change the screen appearance whenever we want I don’t see why more luxury watches brands don’t come up with expensive watchface apps to customize the Apple Watch look.

picture Cartier Apple Watch face concept

Well, these are just concepts and I believe that Rolex or Cartier want keep selling their “real” watches instead of sort of “downgrade” their brand reputation through an “app” for a competitor (that is Apple after all). A not totally impossible move in a future anyway…

picture concept Rolex Apple Watch face

In the end, even if they’ll ever release another officially branded watch face on the Apple Store, if you can afford it, a real Rolex or a real Cartier watch will always be the best choice, unless… you need other Apple Watch unique features of course!

As we said the watch status symbol is now the Series 4 Hermès (the top of the range is priced around 1.579 Euro), but if you need some (not original) replacement check these straps: